Water Instrumentation

Instrumentation forms an equally important component of the project. Measuring the water quality of the borewell and lake water, measuring the static water level of the borewell, understanding the weather parameters locally are some of the components which require use of several instruments. There are different set of instruments available in the market and we have tried and tested couple of them. The section below would elaborate on each of the technology:

Water Level Sensors

This is used for measuring the static water level in the borewells. This equipment has a tape marked in feet and meters and wound around a metal spool. One end is connected to a circuit and the other end to a probe. When the tape is lowered into the borewell and the probe hits water, the circuit is complete and sets off a buzzer and/ or a light. The whole equipment is powered by either a 12v battery or a couple of 1.5v cells. You can read more on this Water level sensors 


Weather station

An automatic weather station (AWS) attempts to monitor weather related and specifically rainfall data at a very localized level. The installation was done by Yuktix (a start up based in Bangalore). The system has two main components - 1. The sensors for Atmospheric Pressure, Humidity, Temperature and the rain gauge 2. The controller which quantifies the data recorded by the sensor and broadcasts it to a cloud based server. You can read about the installation of automatic weather station Weather station installation at Rainbow Drive layout


Portable/Handheld Water quality testing meters

For now, following meters have been procured from different vendors and regularly used on the field.
A. pH meter
B. TDS meter
C. Electrical Conductivity (E.C)
D. Salinity
E. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) meter

Device Cost

SNo Item Vendor Name Vendor address Vendor Contact Contact Person Cost Information
1 Hand held TDS Meter - To measure pH, TDS, Hardness, Electrical Conductivity Swan Environmental Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 922 & 935, Swami Ayyappa
Co-Op Society, Madhapur,
Hyderabad – 500 081.
040-40216184/ 85.
Ms. Aswini Rs. 15000 + Tax (Lamotte hand held tracer for four parameters)
2 Water level sensor SS Engineers Hyderabad 9440993405/  8297224990    
3 Water level sensor   Hyderabad 9290925253 Anil Rs. 11000 for 150 mtrs
4 Water level sensor IGS Tarnaka Hyderabad 04027018456/ 27005810    
5 Water level sensor   Jayanagar, Bangalore 9845528128 Pradeep Rs. 20000 for 150 meters and Rs. 6000 for additional 50 meters
6 DO Meter Micro Set India Pune 98500 49460 SD Patil Rs 16500 unit price