WIPRO is a corporate partner for the project . Wipro believes that it must try to, and can make (some) lasting impact, towards creating a just, quitable, humane and sustainable society. And for them this is reason enough to act. WIPRO is also the patron for the project, and thus, the study area for aquifer mapping project was decided to help understand the aquifer on which WIPRO was dependent for its ground water.


The team from this not for profit organization was invited on-board for their expertise in groundwater at national level, aquifer mapping and modelling. Moreover, ACWADAM also comes with an understanding of participatory mapping at rural areas of India having worked with many farmers more than a decade.


Biome Environmental Trust is an organization engaged in research, public education, practice-to-policy bridging and policy advocacy in the areas of land-use & land-use planning, energy, water and sanitation. Their work on Water Management in the area ensured that they could bring on board local citizens/RWAs, other stakeholders mentioned above to contribute information to this platform.


MAPSAS was formed by citizens to take up ecological lake maintenance activities after rejuvenation of lakes in Mahadevpura constituency of Bangalore city. The members of the Trust have been engaged with the BBMP since 2008 to rejuvenate Kaikondarahalli Lake and Lower Ambalipura Lake in an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible manner.